● was indeed the keynote of his character.● He was most regular in his o

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▓wn habits, and all within his reach▓ felt the influence of his example.Especial▓ly marked was it upon the negroes w▓hom he owned.Even at this d●ay (19

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00) they show by their thri▓ft and industry the influence o▓f his training and speak of him with ▓pride and affection. “Political m●atters and his d

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uty as a mem●ber of the Protestant Episcopal Church ●often called him to the North, and so▓metimes he took a trip there wi▓th his family for pleasure.●

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In 1855 he took his wife and eldest daugh▓ter abroad, and they travelled all over ▓the Continent.He took a prize at the Paris Exp●osition that year for r

the best features

ice grown on his plantati●on, Chicora Wood, Pee Dee—a▓ silver medal.The rice was present●ed to the war office, Departm▓ent of Algeria, in the autumn●, and was in such

ultural So

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perfect preser●vation (in glass jars) that in the s▓ucceeding year it was a

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gain exhib●ited under the auspices of the D▓epartment of War, and was ad●ju

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dged worthy of a gold meda●l [which has been{37} placed in the National Mus▓

ciety, and the ●A

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tural As sociation of

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ummers on the sea-▓beach of Pawley’s Island, and ●enforced by example as well as prec▓ept the duty of the

ade many improve

land-owner t▓o

those dependent on him.Here he fished and ▓hunted deer, of which he has be▓en known to send home two by 10 A

ment▓s in the

.M., shot o●n h

is way to the plantation.Here he was w▓ithin easy reach of his estates, ●and could exercise an intelligent a

cultivation of

nd elev▓ating c

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